Spring Car Maintenance

Wash and wax. After winter’s onslaught of salt, slush, ice and snow, make sure you give your
car a clean sweep, especially on the underside. If necessary, applying rust-proof can also add an
effective salt-busting shield.
Fluid checks. Neglected fluids can spell doom for your car. And after winter, when
maintenance is easy to skip, you should bring in the spring season with fluid checks. Make sure
your coolant, brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid are all at optimal capacity.
Change windshield wipers. Not only are your wiper blades marred from the winter, but you’ll
also need new wiper blades for springtime showers.
Battery voltage check. Preferably, get a battery load test to ensure it not only survived the
winter, but is also ready for spring.

Inspect air filter. A clogged air filter will severely impact engine performance. How important
is this often-ignored part? A dirty air filter can reduce gas mileage up to 10%.
Tire maintenance. Keep your tires in their recommended pressure range, typically 30-32 psi. Be
sure to check your tires for specifics. Also, ensure your treads are fine and, if you installed winter
tires, remember to remove them and use all-season tires for the spring through autumn.
Don’t ignore the interior. Salt can erode your car from the inside out, not just from the outside
in. One news report found favorable results with a steam cleaner, which you can rent for less
than $25.

Take care of your car, and it’ll take care of you! Give Hunts Point Service Station a call to
schedule your Spring Maintenance, 718-991-8808.

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