Windshield Replacement and ADAS Recalibration in Bronx, NY

Windshield Replacement and ADAS Recalibration in Bronx, NY

Advanced Driver-Assistance (ADAS) Systems

ADAS: Bringing the automotive safety industry into the future. Legislation was signed into law in 2014 that required all cars weighing less than 10k lbs. to be equipped with rear-facing camera safety systems by 2018. ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) was the automotive industry’s answer.

Basically, what this means is that all modern vehicles come standard with front and rear-facing cameras, as well as an arsenal of other safety features that you may never even realize are there. The little circles on your bumper that resemble buttons? Those are sensors. You have them on the front and rear bumper as well as a camera in the rear and one in the windshield.

These placements are optimal for safety precautions. It allows you to see where you’re going while backing up and it allows a few other vital safety components as well, such as collision detection, pedestrian detection, lane-keep assist, and a slew of other features you’ll find useful.

In Need of Windshield or Bumper Repair?

Is your windshield damaged? Maybe it has a crack longways across the middle or another very obvious area where it spiders outward? Not a good scenario. Windshields aren’t so easily replaced as they were 20 years ago. These days, you require expert assistance to ensure your vehicle is road-safe after repairs.

Replacing the windshield isn’t exactly the hard part. It gets complicated once you realize you have to replace the rear-view as well as the front-facing camera. Still no biggie, right? Maybe… However, unless you happen to be a tech that knows about ADAS calibration, and how to facilitate the calibration; still best to leave it to the pros, like our guys at Hunts Point Auto, in Bronx, NY!

We’ll make sure you leave with a fully calibrated road-safe vehicle! We can also check the rest of your ADAS systems to make sure they’re up to par. If perhaps your bumper sensors are compromised, you may want to know as soon as possible! One out-of-tune sensor could be the reason you back into another car!

If you need a rear-wheel alignment done right, then you’ll want to avoid those shops that aren’t familiar with ADAS like we are! Our guys undergo constant updates on their automotive training, so they know that your calibration is essential to maintaining a safe vehicle; they also know how and when to perform these services!

How Are These ADAS Calibrations Performed?

There are two possible calibration methods and some cars require one or the other, while some require both. The only way to be certain of which you will require is to contact us for an appointment using the information below! We’ll key you in on everything you should be aware of.

What Are the Two Methods?

The first is the “Static Calibration.” This entails the cameras being mounted and adjusted while the vehicle sits facing a solid target that the cameras will focus on. This typically takes about an hour to get within tolerance.

Then you have “Dynamic Calibration.” This one is more hands-on and requires the vehicle to be moving at a set speed for a specific amount of time on well-marked roads. This can often take an hour or so.

Where Should I Go?

The only place to go is Hunts Point Auto! We take care of all repairs, including preventative maintenance! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us by calling our repair shop at (718) 557-9185 or you can make appointments directly from our website . We’ve been doing business in The Bronx, NY, and the surrounding areas since 1958; family-owned and operated. Our track record speaks for itself, but you already knew that!