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Brake Repair Bronx, NY

When it comes to looking into the safety features that a vehicle offers, few drivers tend to consider the car, truck or SUVs braking system as this is one of the most important safety features on each vehicle. Your braking system is what allows you to avoid daily road hazards and abide by traffic law such as completing to a safe and complete stop at traffic lights and stop signs. While your brakes do not need to be checked as often as the oil needs to be changed, it is important to have your brakes inspected periodically.

Brake Check Bronx, NY

Brake checks are a service that can be performed quickly and often in conjunction with other maintenance services. After a brake check is performed we can provide you with an idea of when you can expect to have your brake pads changed based on their current condition and your driving habits.

As a driver it can be difficult to determine if you need new brakes but there are a few warning signs, one of which is built into your brake pads. Most drivers are aware that when their brake pads are beginning to wear out that they will hear a screech or squeal when engaging their braking system, this is because there is a metal filament in some brake pads that serve as an audible warning system.

Brake Pads Bronx, NY

Your brake pads are meant to wear out as they help prevent metal on metal contact when engaging your brakes. Without your brake pads, your braking system would be far less effective when it comes to stopping your vehicle not to mention that your braking system would make metal to metal contact which causes a lot of friction. The resulting heat could cause your braking system to prematurely malfunction.

So if you have questions about your brakes or braking system, give us a call and we will give you the peace of mind you are looking for when performing your daily commute or shuttling yourself and your passengers to and from daily appointments.