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Light Duty Truck Repair Bronx, NY

Trucks are utility vehicles that can do many different tasks that normal automobiles are not able to do. Trucks can be used professionally for work related jobs, or even casually on a personal basis like helping a friend move their furniture. They vary in the amount of tasks they can achieve. The one thing that is certain is that trucks do work. This is why it is important to always do the appropriate maintenance and repair to your light duty truck. Hunts Point Auto Sales & Service in Bronx, NY specialize in any and all light duty truck repair needs. It does not matter the make or model, Hunts Point Auto Sales & Service are waiting to take those needs off your hands.

Your truck is always working hard and can carry a plethora of different types of loads. On top of that, the road can be tedious for your light duty truck. This is why any truck driver needs to be safe and proactive when it comes to their light duty truck repair in Bronx, NY. Opened by Fred Donnelly in 1958 and taken over by his son Fred Donnelly Jr., Hunts Point Auto Sales & Service has made it their mission for over five decades to become the leaders in light duty truck repair. This family owned and operated business prides itself in light duty truck repair and continues, year after year, refining and developing their expertise in that type of repair. Whether it is engine problems, transmission, brakes, tires, or bodywork, Hunts Point

Auto Sales & Service is your one stop shop for your light duty truck repair in Bronx, NY. Not only do they have top quality customer service at their establishment, but they guarantee their work with a two year, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty with your light duty truck repair. So do your light duty truck a favor. When you are in need of repair, give Hunts Point Auto Sales & Service a call and allow Fred and his team of expert technicians take care of your light duty truck. If you are looking for honesty and integrity, then look no further.